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• Simultaneous embedding and de-embedding
• 3G SDI Level A and Level B support
• SDI video formats up to 3Gbit (1080p60)
• 4 x Analog audio inputs / outputs with selectable audio groups • Optional Fiber I/O

• Integrated 1 kHz test tone generator
• Bidirectional audio transport mode possible • Auto black if no video present
• Selectable SDTV 24 bit mode
• Video and Audio present LED indicators
• Internal full mono audio shuffling via yelloGUI


The PDM 1383 is a versatile analog audio embedder and de-embedder designed for a wide range of SDI video formats up to 3Gbit. Analog audio I/O is connected using a 25 pin SubD connector. (25 Pin SubD breakout adapter PCB can be purchased seperately).


Audio groups are selected using the rotary switches, and its possible to embed and de-embed additional audio groups by cascading modules together. Simultaneous embedding and de-embedding means the module will de-embed and output the audio from the selected audio group before overwriting with new audio (if required).


The “auto black” mode uses a black video frame if no SDI input is present. This allows the module to embed audio even when no video source is available. This mode is useful if the module is being used in an “audio only” application.

AUDIO Embedder si Deembedder cu SFP

SKU: PDM-1383
4 - 5 Saptamani
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