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Field Installation Kit contains everything needed for installation of the SC and LC XP FIT PLUS Senko connectors. No epoxy, polishing film, or other consumables are required, and there is no need for electrical power, allowing installers to get in and out of installation sites quickly.


Kit Include:

  1. Soft Case
  2. Fibre Disposal Unit
  3. Lint Free Wipes
  4. Premium, Standard or Angled Cleaver
  5. Smart Checker
  6. Buffer Remover
  7. Launch cables
  8. Fiber Stripper 
  9. Kevlar scissors


All Fiber Installation Kit Field include these free of charge products:

Replacement Blade Set for (1 pcs) pn# AFT‐T‐TBR

Chemtronics Electro‐Wash MX Pen (1 pcs) pn#AFT‐A‐EWP

Sharps Bin (1 pcs) pn#AFT‐A‐FU

Fine Permanent Marker Pen (1 pcs) pn#AFT‐A‐PMB

2.5mm/1.25mm Fibre Checker Adapter ORG (1 pcs) pn#AFT‐G‐CAC

AA Battery (2 pcs) pn#BATTERY‐AA

Fiber Installation Kit Field Connector

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