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The Flat Drop Cable is designed as a central Uni-Loose Tube containing up to 2 fibers, an FRP reinforcement unit is added to each side, that can be used for active equipment  is added to the outermost side.

LSOH Flat Drop Cable B2Ca

€1 295,00Цена
  • Item Technology parameter
    Cable type VCDCY
    Cable specificati    on 3.0×2.0
    Fiber color Red , Green
    Fiber type G657A1 - E9/125
    Sheath color White
    Sheath material LSZH B2CA
    Cable dimension mm 3.0(±0.1)*2.0(±0.1)
    Cable weight Kg/km 12.6
    Min. bending radius mm B6a:15(static) 30(dynamic) B6b:10(static) 25(dynamic)
    Attenuation dB/km ≦ 0.4 at 1310nm,≦ 0.3 at 1550nm
    Short tension N 100
    Short crush N/100mm 1000
    Operation temperature ℃ -20~+75 Relative to 20℃,fiber additional attenuation ≤0.2dB/km


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