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Nokia WiFi Beacon, a  router with a whole-home, mesh Wi-Fi system that works with any internet service provider and connects to any modem/gateway.


Provides coverage up to 140 m2 (1500 sq. ft), the Nokia Beacon 2 mesh system will eliminate dead zones and provides wall-to-wall blazing fast internet speeds.

Beacon 2 will prioritize your Wi-Fi speed, automatically switching Wi-Fi channels and frequency to always deliver the peak performance to your devices.


Nokia WiFi6 Mesh provides uninterrupted Wi-Fi by avoiding congestion and Wi-Fi interferences to route your device connections through the best path.


Download the free Nokia WiFi mobile app Apple (iOS) or Google Play (Android) for a simple setup and easy to use experience. You can see connected devices, turn on guest network, or block children’s access to the internet for parental control.


Download iOS app


Download Android app


Nokia WiFi uses the latest AX1800 WiFi standard to give you peak performance. The Beacon 2 detects both WiFi and non-WiFi interference and uses Intelligent Channel Selection to always choose the best channel and band. So if there is any interference from your neighbor’s WiFi, your microwave oven or a Bluetooth speaker, the Beacon 2 knows how to avoid it. 


Nokia WiFi6 Beacons use digital fingerprinting to identify the types of device connected to it and provide the best quality of service to each. For example, it can prioritize bandwidth while you’re watching Netflix on your 4K TV or choose the shortest available path through the WiFi network when you’re moving about your home streaming Spotify on your smartphone.

Nokia Beacon 2.1 Mesh WiFi®6 MIMO

SKU: NWB-2.1
  • Nokia WiFi mesh creates a seamless Wi-Fi network throughout the home Fast and reliable Wi-Fi with a capacity of AX1800 for typical Wi-Fi usage

    Simple, app-based setup and management 

    Use it to extend coverage of an initial Beacon 2 or compatible Nokia ONTs 

    Intelligent channel selection ensures that the optimal Wi-Fi channel is always selected, avoiding any Wi-Fi glitches

    Dynamic backhaul management ensures Nokia WiFi Beacons are perfectly connected with one another

    Fast Wi-Fi

    2x2 MIMO on 2.4 GHz

    2x2 MIMO on 5 GHz

    PHY rate of AX1800

    Supports 4K video streaming  and gaming

    Whole home Wi-Fi coverage

    One unit covers up to 140 m2 (1500 sq. ft)

    Use up to 3 units in a single network to cover a large or multi-story house

    Backhaul can be Ethernet cable/Wi-Fi

    The Beacon 2 is EasyMesh™ compliant for interoperability

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